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SSAMIN 5 Projects

Sysmatrix Co.,Ltd.Is the parent company of SSAMIN block.

SSAMIN, with a revolutionary new concept in the business of toy blocks, has divided its business into five business areas, namely, education,science,gaming,animation, and theme park. A healthy and profitable level of synergy is another. Each business area, and the reapective company portfolio representing them, has been expanding dramatically through the development of partnerships with other companies. SSAMIN will develop a new paradigm by expanding into the contents business, thus going beyond the block prouduction business.

SSAMIN 5 Projects

You can also expand this portfolio through partnerships with several companies in each business sector and the progress continues. We will create a new paradigm is simple to extend through the block geuchineun a product, not a comprehensive content business.

It consists of a suitable systematic training in a variety of engineering and business-related geometric structure of the system matrix blocks are



"Convergence Gifted Education STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)" through robotics.

The United States,one of the world's leading countries in robotics education, teaches STEM subjects(Science, Technology,Engineering, and Mathematics)in an engaging way. To develop the education process. However, despite the progress of IT technology, the frame structure of robotics which can improve the completeness of the robot has not been systemized yet. Lego created a new market related to education through robotics. In conjunction with MIT, Lego came up with a new product called"Mindstorms" but because of the limitation of the robot frame structure, the global development of that market has been limited. However, due to Sysmatrix's systemized robot frame structure, which is characterized for being compatible, transformable, and extendable without limits, we able to overcome those barriers, proving to be a strong contender in the education related business. By developing products in the field of robotics in 2014, Sysmatrix is reaching success in the area where Lego couldn't.



The basic purpose of any game is to entertain people and them have fun and feel challenged as they go up through every stage of the game. Especially, functional games can help individuals and society in different areas like enviroment, exercise, and education etc. Playing with blocks is usually regarded just as something for children to have fun, but playing with SSAMIN block characters in a violence-free online game or on smart phone games, can help children to become more creative and it can play a vital role in the development of a child's brain.With its revolutionary concept, SSAMIN block is pioneering both, the onilne and offline gaming market simultaneously.



SSAMIN is working on a new genre of toy block animation, applying the unique characteristics of the block where they can be transformed by assembling and disassembling the units. Currently SSAMIN is producing an educational animation as well as 4D,3D,2D, and stop-motion entertainment block animation. We are dedicating out efforts to make storytelling and character building for the animation. By simultaneously play with animated characters online and offline, SSAMIN is building the brand power of Sysmatrix Co., Ltd. and expanding the company's character and toy businesses. SSAMIN is thriving to be the global leader in the character toys business and also in the licensing business through the animations company is producing.



"SSAMIN THemem Park, dreams to become the landmark of South Korea!"
Countries around the world are making efforts to foster tourism as the nation's main industry Among the many tourist facilities, theme parks are regarded as one of the main tourism attractions. However, world famous theme parks, such as Disney Land, Universal Studios, and Lego Land are Showing that the number of visitor are dwindling, thus, affection the parks' bottom line. It seems that this the result of parks having very limited contents, where onec the family has visited the park they feel there is not incentive to return SSAMIN Theme Park will overcome the existing theme parks' limitations by providing a place where visitors of all ages can have meaningful experiences and learn by combining play with education. It will also be the place where companies can have the opportunity to developme their business worldwide. Dream and hope for children! Adults, reminiscence their childhood memories! SSAMIN Theme Park will become South korea's landmark.