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"Sysmatrix is a comprehensive contents company"

With three primary colors of paint, we can make all the colors in the world, and with the three primary colors of light, we can make all the colors as they are combined with black. As with the process of combining colors in the Smart era, the way to successfully convrge digital contens lie in doing it in a harmonious fashion. Sysmatrix's contents can be used in all kinds of fieds, such as, education/eductainment, image/media, science/art,health care/Products, etc

  • Architecture is a comprehensive way of art that combines technology and art, even for the children, to build something is a creating activity. Around the world, edutainment has become the latest trend in the field of education. In keeping pace with this trend, and with the help of tireless research done by experts in developing educational materials, Sysmatrix has introduced SSAMIN blocks which are based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences by Dr.Howard Gardner. Children can safely play by themselves with SSAMIN blocks and learm as they play.

    According to Dr.Hartley, block building activities develop creative minds. It helps introveted children to become much confident and also helps extroverted children to exercise more self control.In this dynamic era, there is no fixed answer to any given situation. Our traditional education system just imparts fragmentary knowledge. It is not helpful for developing the ability needed to solve problemes nor can improve creativity.

    Many child development experts say that education through block building activities help children to improve their ability to make charge of life challenges. SSAMIN block is a tool that can play an source multi use contents in the industry related to science, animation, theme parks, and online games.Partnering companies' ideas will strive through the harmony of sysmatrix's business areas.

    We have been dreaming of producing world class contents. Contents that the Smart era needs, Sysmatrix contents will speak louder than words. Chek us out, you will be impressed.

    Best regards.

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